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• Why should we rent your stretch limo? It is a once a life-time experience to ride in the stretch limo that no other vehicles can provide. We are the only stretch limo company in Singapore.
• What are the occasions to rent the stretch limo? Weddings, parties on the move, city tour, disposal, hotel to airport vv, VIP transfers, bar hopping, hens/stag night, prom night, photo/video shoot, etc.
• What are the types of stretch limos do you have? We have only the Chrysler 300 Stretch limos.
• What choices of colours for the stretch limos? White, silver or black. We also have 2 unused blue stretched limos for export sale.
• Can we view the limo beforehand? Yes, please call 91161150 on weekdays to arrange viewing.

Chauffeur – tips – self-drive
• Does the limo rental comes with the driver? Yes, we provide our specially trained limo driver.
• Can the stretch limo be rented for self-drive? No. We don't allow self-drive.
• Do I have to tip the driver? Tipping is optional but appreciated.

Passengers – how many – children
• How many passengers can the limo carry? The limo can seat 8 passengers.
• Is there age restriction to carriage of children? Children riding in the limo by themselves must be at least 12 years old. Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least an adult.
• How many children are allowed, and also in proportion to adults? 3 children under the age to 12 equal to 2 adults.

Seat belts
• Are seat belts provided? Yes, there are 8 seat belts in the passenger cabin.
• Must we buckle up during the ride? It is mandatory to fasten seat belts for front facing passengers.

Minimum rental hour – additional – waiting time – traffic jam
• What is the minimal renting time? The minimal rental time is one hour.
• What happens if I were to use the limo beyond the booking time?
Should the usage of the limo exceed your rental time, you will have to pay for the additional hour or hours.
• Do you charge for waiting time? Waiting time is not chargeable so long it is within the period of booking.
• Would unforeseen extended time, like traffic jam be chargeable? So long as the extended time is not caused by delays or extended usage of the limo by the renter, we will waive the charges as in the case of traffic jams.
• How many pick-up and drop-off am I entitled, should I rent for an hour? So long a the pick-ups and drop-offs are within the period of rental, there is no limit to the numbers of pick-ups/drop-offs.

Price - payment modes – discounts – down payment – full payment
• How are your charges like? The charges are by the hour. Visit our website; www.lotuslimos.com for the price list.
• How do I make payment? And can I pay by credit or charge cards, bank transfer, paypal? Payment can be done by cash or credit or charge cards, bank transfer and paypal. • Do I have to make a down payment for reservation of the limo? Yes. A deposit of $200 is required for 3 hours and longer.
• Can I pay by instalments? No, we do not accept payment by instalments.
• Do I have to make a full payment before the limo services? Yes. Full payment must be made at least 10 days before the event.
• Do you give discount for the limo services? The prices are fixed as reflected in the price list. Seasonal discounts will be reflected in our website.

Midnight surcharge
• Do I have to pay a surcharge for rental after midnight? A one-time midnight surcharge of $100 is payable for bookings between 0001hr and 0600hr.

Postponement – cancellation
• Would postponement be allowed and how much time notice is required? Postponement is allowed with at least 72 hours before the event. The re-booking is subject to availability of the limo. • Would I be able to get a refund should I decide to cancel a booking? Cancellation: 72 hours or more prior to pick up time – no charge. Less than 72 hours to pick up time – 50% charge. Same day cancellation – 100% charge of fare. No exception.